Who We Are

Jim Weiland, Principal, and his team of experts have more than two centuries worth of IBM experience. As former IBMers, they've consulted extensively in North America, Latin America, Europe, Australia and Asia, including China. Today, they stand ready to help mid-market companies, in flux, on the rise and in need of Fortune 500 expertise but without the resources of a large corporation.

Juliette Weiland, Principal, is a behind-the-scenes public relations and marketing expert, with over 20 years experience in the small business arena.

Our Experts

Jim Weiland, Principal
Expertise in business transformation for enterprise process framework, finance, supply chain, sales & sales operations and contract fulfillment. Over 43 years with IBM.

Imad Albazz
Solution architect and certified project manager, with expertise in enterprise solution architecture, IT management and IT consulting with strong industry experience in the information technology, telecommunications, health care, utilities, chemical, oil and gas sectors. Over 23 years with IBM.

Frank Cangialosi
Project manager, with expertise in finance operations, business process design and business controls. Over 36 years with IBM.

Harmin Linares
Expertise in performance metrics, analysis and decision support, with specialty in Latin American sales operations, including pricing & sales territory mapping, shared services centers and sales force automation. Over 25 years with IBM.

Will Oakes
Certified project manager, with expertise in supply chain management, customer relationship management and shared services centers, with extensive experience in business process transformation. Over 42 years with IBM.

Nick Novis
Strategic program manager, with expertise in business operations, supply chain, customer satisfaction, product fulfillment, program integration, communication and education strategies. Over 33 years with IBM.

Dr. Osvaldo J. Porro Novoa
Finance executive consultant, CPA and former CFO, with expertise in accounting, capital restructuring, financial operating and control processes with strong industry experience across Latin America and China. Over 24 years with IBM.

Elizabeth Kurth
Expertise in business transformation, including the enterprise-wide design and field implementation of customer relationship management (CRM), management of global sales operations and certification in change management, with extensive industry experience in banking, consumer products and distribution. Over 30 years with IBM.