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            More safety to the surface

            The laminating machines are designed to cover with a plastic film on a finished surface in order to protect it from dust, scratches and damages that can occur during handling and forming operations, therefore, our laminating machines are actually available in two flavors:


            - JLTM semi-automatic laminating machine, user needs to cut the protective film manually, which is suitable for simple sheet-to-sheet lines and ideal for the highest efficiency coil-to-coil lines.


            - AUTOTM automatic laminating machine, which compose the Ji Li Jia Automatic Blade?, This vertical-moving blade and an electronic positioning system to cut the PVC film between the two sheets, which can obtain a zero tolerance cutting effect. There has an integrated exhaust system (3,000m3/h) for film strip removal. This machine is especially useful in a fully automated sheet-to-sheet lines.


            All JLTM /AUTOTM series laminating machines can be fully integrated with JDG /JSG or other series machine and also possible to install into an existing lines.


            Feature Detail

            - Maximum 4 film holding reels are available (optional)

            - Pneumatic expansion shafts film holding reels with safety clamp (optional)

            - Long service life grease lubricated bearings

            - Photoelectric switch automatic positioning

            - Manual alignment correction of the film

            - Integrated safety systems

            - Automatic alignment of the film with the coil (only on JLTM coil version)

            - By Using Ji Li Jia Automatic Blade? technology to achieve zero tolerance cutting (only on AUTOTM)

            - Integrated exhaust system (3.000 0m3/h) for film strip removal (only on AUTOTM)

            - PLC control and human-machine dialogue touch screen (only on AUTOTM)

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