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            No.4 Short Grain Polishing Machine




            Top-quality finishing with abrasive belt


            JGD series provides a polishing service for metal coil or sheet. To this end, we developed these short thread series with dry or wet polishing type in 1995’s. JGD series has a high-precision and high-rotation speed bottom contact roller, which can obtain a stable and perfect surface even in a high-speed production. This machine is characterized by high productivity, flexible configuration, low operation and maintenance cost.


            It is easy to be achieved the different surface styles by setting the parameter and changing the abrasive belt, including to obtain the finishing No.3, ("coarse polishing", with abrasive grains from G60 to G150) and No.4 ("fine polishing", abrasive grain from G180 and beyond). 


            In addition, we have developed bottom short thread series to solve the problem of releasing the internal stress of the sheet due to insufficient annealing of metal materials, so as to achieve the leveling of the finished products.


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