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            Scotch-Brite Brushing


            Scotch-Brite Brushing                 

            Perfect Scotch-Brite surface

            JMSB series brushing machine is using the Scotch-Brite brushing roller with non-woven fiber abrasive material, equipped with an advanced and patented high-frequency oscillation system. Its purpose to reduce the metal surface roughness after grinding or polishing process, the obtained surfaces touch smoother, which is so-called Scotch-Brite finishing.


            JMSB series with brushing roller rapid replacement, online repair, speed adjustable control function, which is possible to obtain the surfaces with soft, bright and homogeneous appearance that are suitable for interior design, household appliance, food industry and and all the fields that require a high level of cleanness.


            All of our brushing rollers are from 3M® or HERMES® brand.


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